Saturday, 6 April 2013

Jester's Vanguard Riddle

Hi, this is CardFight! Jester here to challenged you all with a vanguard riddle. Here to also introduced our new section of the blog, Jester's Vanguard Riddle.

Riddle no. 1:
I am a maiden that appears in your dream,
To some, I just appeared to be an apparition of the one whom you lost and whom you keened;
To the woods you come searching for me,
I waited patiently and longed for your blood;
I shall drain your spirit and take your soul with me for souvenir and forever you belonged to me,
Chilled like ice you become and your body turned frozen hard.

Who Am I?

Riddle no. 2:
Cold my heart can be,
You are just a toy to be picked up and played by me;
In my prison bars is where you stay and shall only see,
On your epitaph I date with death and a banshee;
Some said my love and affection for her is as deep as the dead sea,
Back from the dead I return for her, I feel so alive and free.

Who Am I?

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