Saturday, 27 April 2013

BT11 updates and the metagame

Hi guys, Le jester here. Here to share with you guys the market prices for bt11 cards and also my comments on it.

Market price 
001 Prophecy Celestial, Remiel - $12
002 Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel - $15
003 Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna - $18
004 Burning Hell Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno -$15
005 Dauntless Drive Dragon - $24
006 Eradicator, Sweep Commando Dragon - $17
007 Blue Flight Dragon Trans-core Dragon - $16
008 Last Card, Revonn - $12
009 Adamantine Celestial Aniel - $10
010 Seal Dragon, Blockade - $5
011 Seal Dragon Rinocross - $13
012 Ancient Dragon Spino Driver - $12
013 Ancient Dragon, Tyranolegend - $10
014 Ravenous Dragon, Battle Rex - $8
015 Ancient Dragon, Parasawall - $6
016 Armor Break Dragon - $7
017 Fiendish Sword Eradicator, Cho-Ou - $6
018 Roaring Ripple, Genovious - $10
019 Tear Knight Lucas - $5
020 Emerald Shield, Paschal - $10

Overhyped Cards
Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna
Seriously? Was expecting it to be at $18. I believed i have argued why this card is sometimes not that effective.

Underhyped Cards
Roaring Ripple, Genovious
Persona blast and get a free mr invincible effect. I guess persona blast is not that popular in the meta, What's more its also a chain ride. Why play chain ride if ya can do a break ride? To me, i believe this card has some potential

Ancient Dragon Spino Driver
For its effect, its pretty cheap. Guess Dinos just aren't as badass and popular as as compared to dragons.

Ancient Dragon, Parasawall
Looks like tachikaze will become similar to the fate of spike brothers. Its a cheap and effective deck ready to kickass and have a share in the metagame.

Armor Break Dragon
Shouldnt't this card should cost like $7 to $8. It still has it uses though in narukami deck.

Decks that are cheap to build
Tachikaze 70 to 80
Celestial 70 to 90
Genovous Aqua force 60 to 80
blockade crossride 70 to 90

Potential Top Tier Decks 
Tier 1
Angel Feather - Celestials
Kagero - Dauntless Dote
Aqua force - Revonn - transcore variants
Sweep Commando Eradicators

Tier 1.5
Tachikaze Ancient Dragon
Kagero Sealed Dragon

Tier 2
Aqua force Genovious

Thats all for now folks. Stay tune for deck profiles and clan analysis.

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