Thursday, 11 April 2013

Riddles Part 2

Try solving solve some of the following riddles may i wish u the best of luck :)

1) I am the one who rules over the darkness, i am the opposite of light, beg down in mercy or prepare to feel pain.
Who is this vanguard?

2) My friends power me up and boosts me, i am a brave soul attacking my opponent with the help of my friends.
Who is this vanguard?

3) I am the knight in training prepare to be the best with a high beast beside me i will give you an extra damage if you see me appearing before you eyes.
Who is this vanguard?

4)Sacrificing others for the advantage of my own, powering me up by destroy my units is the only way to kill.
Who is this vanguard?

5)Standing tall with out fear, i strike with a blue armor with the tip of blade cutting you.
Who is this vanguard?

6)I give power to does who don't, giving them hope in their souls, i am their saviour.
Who is this vanguard?

7) I maybe banned but i support the vanguard by calling units to the field.
Who is this vanguard?

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