Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Highlights in Le-Vanguard MarketPlace & Updates

Hi guys, here is some highlights of what is going on in our marketplace.

Ya saw it... We decide to suspend some members in our marketplace and also trolled them in return. That's what ya get for backdealing over here.

Speaking of backdealing, We actually do have rules in the marketplace where most of you all fail to read and comply.

Rules and Regulation
Hey traders, Here is some of our updated rules and regulation that you have to abide.
1. Bidding/ Auction.
In this group, bidding and auction is allowed. However the post must meet our conditions for us to allow it.

- Make sure that your bid has these criteria: Starting bid, Closing date, Autowin price, minimum increment. Without any of these, We will hide or delete your post without any warning.

-At any given time, there can only be 3 Auction / Bid in this group at any given time. Therefore if there is 3 bids, you may not post any more bids and auction on this place until it expires or its closed.

-Bidding and auction period should not exceed a period of 48 hours duration after it is posted and will expire immediately. This is to give chance to other people who wants to bid and auction their cards and to prevent flooding of the page.

2. Backdealer, Galahaders, Aeroplaners.
In this group backdealers will be blacklisted for minimum of 3 months until there is a clean record and new feedback from dealers.

3. Verbal Abuse and Profanity.
Insulting of members or admins with the use of Vulgarities is strictly not allowed in this group. Members who are caught doing this will be kicked and removed without any warnings.

4. Spamming and repetitive postings.
Spamming is not allowed in this group. Each member is only allowed to post up to twice a day. Duration between each posts should not be lesser than 8 hours. This is to prevent flooding of the marketplace by the same user and to give equal chance for all members to post and trade.

Meanwhile, Happy dealing.

So back to my post. Why i make all these rules for, Is to give every trader an equal chance to trade and put those Aeroplaners and Backdealers to Justice. I guess I have made clear about it.

Next we are going to talk about the type of traders and players we have in the Vanguard Scene of Singapore.

Our Standard type of Stealth Planes where will turn off their phones and will not turn up no matter what. Often uncontactable and untraceable during the time of transaction. When contacted will say that "I got something on that day. PS can deal next week?".

2. Mr. Invisible
This is the type of people that will Aeroplane or Pang Seh and will not turn up for your agreed transaction no matter how far or near the POC is and will pretend and say "I wait at there but you didn't turn up". They are the type that will push the blame to the dealer instead of themselves.

3.Rich Jimmy
This guy is someone who is very rich and can afford to play Best tier deck. Often dio scammed and not very strong in skills. Play the deck just because they can. In other words noobs that are rich. Note that they are often very arrogant and often misplace and lost their deck. Often act as the spark for the case of Deck Thefts

Make false deals and also make false offer on posts. Watchout for this bunch of trolls they often cheat your feeling and will 100% pang seh and aeroplane you. Will not turn up and will pretend and say he never post or commented.

5.Forget me Not
Often forgets and genuinely forget to turn up for transactions and deals. People like this, i suggest ya contact closely and remind them of the deal. Also have a high tendency of leaving their deck behind after a match and also another target for deck thefts.

Here is only the part 1 of the list.... Stay tune for part 2.

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