Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cray Journal: Nova grapplers

Random Journal about Nova Grapplers written by Kinston Ang.
When I look at my NG deck, all I think about was stand, stand and stand.Nova Grapplers can have crazy number of attacks if you do good link of skills.So this is my current list .

Riot Hornx1
4x of all beast deity triggers

2xG1 Kay clone
4xMax Beat
4xSolar Falcon
4xBlank Marsh

4xBrainie Papio
4xHartred Chaos
4xGolden Anglet

4xEthics Buster
3xEthics Reverse

So, this deck.....Well no words to describe it. Once you play this deck.Wow, I tell you, you are going to love it.Brainie Papio can enable you to stand Max Beat and combo-ed with Max Beat skill, wow! Stand another unit.So how does this works? Brainie hits.CB 1 to stand Max Beat.Max Beat skill to stand another unit.This could easily help you stand a coloum.

Currently, im still thinking whether to play Clay doll Mechanic for the unflipper to continuesly use the counterblast without having to worry about the cost.Well, I tried this deck a few times and this deck can really crush your opponent even without a grade 3.Just spam all your units on daaa field and chiong early game.If they don't have guards they are really dead.Just combo Brainie with Golden Anglet and riot horn you can stand a coloum.SO Strong!!

So this was my G2 formation when I played with my friend

Brainie-Brainie-Golden Anglet
| |
BlankMarsh RiotHorn

Well I can tell you this is a deadly combo.First Riot and Anglet swings. Then Branie boosted by Blank Marsh.Pressure!!! Oppenent guards one pass, awww yea lucky day critical trigger! All effects to VG.Yay seems like it hits.Well Brainie Cb1- look here stand Anglet and Riot! Whewww another column with just cb1.CrAZzYy!

Okay now onto the ultimate finisher style.STAND STAND STAND! BREAKRIDEEEE Ethics Reverse.Okay activate skill +10000.And Ethics R skills, Cb2 lock 2 discard two. Swings in with both rear guards first.I leave a riot horn behind my Anglet. And another Anglet unboosted.Vanguard swings in for 21k and bam ! BREAKRIDE SKILL, Stand front row ! Trigger check, no trigger. Vanguard stands again! Both rear guards attack with extra 3k due to standing in battle phase. Then Vanguard takes aim! Now breakride skill again!! Stand front row! Another 3k ! 15k each Anglet. 8 ATTACKS IN A BREAKRIDE TURN.

Okayy.Time for my Ver 2 list!
SVG→Night Jackal
4xMax Beat
2xBlank marsh
4x10k swinger
3 brainie
2Ethics R
2Ethics Extreme

Same old finisher but in case finisher doesn't works, we got Ethics Extreme to save us from the the terror!!! Ethics Extreme STAND Streaming Burst! Check G1 ! STAND UP ANOTHER ONE STAND UP.Swings two more attacks at opponent!

And heres the finish of the Nova Grapplers review.Bleh. Getting bored of typing that much.

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