Monday, 13 May 2013

Vanguard Riddle

Hey guys, Still stressed of the aftermath from the releases of bt11 badasses and the banlist? Fear not and chillax. Le jester is here to entertain and to challenge you to outwit me over these riddles.

Riddle 1:
Taste the death and despair on my blades when you fight,
Run in fear and you will erode in torment and blight;
Beyond the darkness in the abyss is where I reside,
I swallowed your spirit and soul which contented me;
I shall then hid your body to rot and eaten by a banshee,
Helpless you are trapped within and furthest from the light;

Who am I?

Riddle 2:
I extend my arms to reach my enemy,
I wield a sword and fought with my thorns, vines and ivy;
I purify those whom defiles my pride and threatened my lord,
My way of life is absolute and pure;
My Beauty is natural and some describe it as allure;
Like a knight in shining armor I surrender my heart flower to whom I adored.

Who am I?

Riddle 3:
I ruled the oceans and the seven seas,
Like an admiral I command my troops, fleets and squadrons;
With my batteries of launchers and pods I sent my soldiers to conquer and seize,
To break the enemy defenses with our artillery, guns and cannons;
We coordinate with our formations via radio and beacons,
Those who opposed shall be dragged to the watery grave,
To propagate our ideals of peace, order and justice to keep our nation safe.

Who Am I?

Do comment below if ya think ya know the answers. :D

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