Saturday, 25 May 2013

Trolling on le-vanguard marketplace

Hi this is le-jester here. I have to admit that I really had a Good laugh today. Thx to Aaron and Kaiser for making my day and making me laugh so darn hard today.

Its time I actually properly introduce myself. I am Le Jester. I am the split persona of Khai and intends to impersonate him and mindfuck and troll the members in the marketplace for the sake of having a good laugh. Hmm for those who was playing YGO last year or 2 year ago. The same persona actually trolled the blogger of this blog so hard that it stalked me for 3 months.

To cut the long story short here is what happened in the marketplace.

Yea.. So I've had a laughing good time at this.  Meanwhile do stay tune and keep in touch for more news.
The Question is Who is Le Jester? Is he a inpersonator or is he the same person as Khai? Pretty Mindfuck right? I won't bother answering this question. Its up to you to guess it right.

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