Saturday, 29 November 2014

Stride Generation~ G!!

Following the introduction of Cardfight!! Vanguard G, we have new G units, and stride.
What are G units?
G units are Grade 4 units with "Triple Drive!". They are not placed in the main deck, but in the G Zone, a zone right abobe the damage zone on the typical playmat. G units can be used for Stride, and each player can have up to 8 G units, with a maximum of 4 copies per unit. 
What is Stride?
Stride is an ability unlocked when both players' Vanguards are Grade 3 or greater. To stride, one must discard 1 or more cards with the grades totaling to 3 or more. All G units are face down in the G Zone at the start of the game. When you stride, choose a G unit and place it face up on the Vanguard circle. At the end of your turn, that unit goes back to the G Zone face up, and cannot be used for stride again. When you stride on your Vanguard, the G unit gains the name and original power value of your "heart". If your original Vanguard is in Legion, choose 1 unit to be the heart. The G unit does not gain the skills of the heart. As the term "triple drive" suggests, you get 3 drive checks when you stride. 

Generation Break
You may have noticed some new units have the symbol GB1 or GB2. These abilities are unlocked when there is the stated number of G units face up in the G Zone or on the Vanguard circle. So for example, if your grade 2 rear guard has a GB1 ability, it can be activated when you have a Striden Vanguard or when there is one face up G unit in the G Zone. 

G Assist:
G assist is a new mechanic designed to help with misgrading. You need to have at least 2 G units to use this. Here's how it works:
1)Reveal your hand to your opponent, proving you don't have a unit 1 grade higher than your Vanguard. 
2)Check the top 5 cards of your deck for a unit 1 grade higher than your Vanguard, and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck. 
3)Choose 2 G units from your G Zone, and 2 cards from your hand, and remove them from the match. This is not bind or discard. The lost G units cannot be used to fulfil the conditions for Generation Break. 
4) Proceed to ride phase. 
If you did not add a card to your hand during step 2, skip step 3 and jump to step 4. 
The G Assist ability is very costly, hence it should only be used when truly desperate. 

Examples of G units: 
All clans: Harmonics Messiah; Heat Elemental, Magnum; Miracle Elemental, Atmos
Gear Chronicle: Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery Flare Dragon
Royal Paladin: Vague Sacred Knight, Gablade
Oracle Think Tank: Sword Deity of Divine Sound, Takemikazuchi
Nova Grappler: Meteorkaiser, Viktplasma
Kagero: Imperial Flame Dragon King, Route Flare Dragon

This is just a short list of the current known Stride units. Certain clans have new cards which combo well with the Stride mechanic to net huge advantages.
If your favorite clan does not have Stride units yet, you can use the generic clan G units to power up your current deck, or wait for Bushiroad to release G units for that clan.

Happy Cardfighting everyone~!

Signing off,
Lee Megan

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