Thursday, 26 June 2014

Le Vanguard's New Look

Hey folks, This is Khai here AKA Le Jestre for those who knew me then. I would like to gladly announce that le-vanguard is changing its look and is restructuring to provide more value for you supporters.

What changes we have install for you.

1. A logo and a brand.

What does this logo stands for?
  1. Dragon Head
    Represents our dominance and monopoly over the online vanguard community.
    Shows a symbol of power and our seriousness to provide solutions to online vanguard threats and problems such as Aeroplanes and CyberBully.
    Resembles our iconic & badass vanguard card, Dragonic Overlord.
  2. Shield
    Represents stability in marketprices and the proactiveness of our services to take on challenges and solve solutions.
  3. Blade
    Represents our winning edge and our determination to drive forward to provide the best value to our users and members with up to date and relevant vanguard information.
2. A tagline to remember
More than just vanguard.

Why "More than just vanguard"?

We are not only a marketplace, we are a union of Cardfighters who shares a passion for CFV.
We aim to deliver a service to Passionate Cardfighters with a platform to buy, sell and trade cards. We also have set up a forum for cardfighters to held discussion and also to network with. We also incorporate trolling tuesday, Fan art friday, etc...
In other words, we are almost everywhere.

3. Partnerships

I think some have heard it about our expansion plan and that we are working with various partners to bring forth to you greater value.We will be partnering with our other groups, shops and services that are vanguard related.

Here are some of our partners
KyunKyun Ride
Adared Himesama

Do support them too.

We will be going on our rounds too around the island to expand and get in touch with you guys all awesome ppl.

Signing off,
Khai :D

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