Tuesday, 29 April 2014

About Le-vanguard

Badass Admin's message:

To whom it may concern,

Be it players and shop owners, I sincerely apologize if there were any misunderstanding between my group members and shops.

As for the players and members, I apologize if there were such bad experience encountered in the shops you patronize on their behalf and also apologize if there were any encounters with frauds such as backdealing, aeroplanes and scams (if there is any) in this marketplace.

I am here to put up a clearer picture of who we actually are for the sake of the newer members that joined this groups recently.

Firstly, We are not a shop nor is under control from any shop. We are an independent group on its own. We are a union or a legion of players who shared a common interest. We set up this marketplace somewhere in last year February ~ March with the aim to provide Cardfight! Vanguard enthusiasts in Singapore with up to date news and insights about the Cardfight! Vanguard scene in Singapore and also a place to trade and discuss. We also hope to help spread the hype of Cardfight! Vanguard through our online presence.

We also aim to solve the few problems that players faced both offline and online in Trading Card Games and FB-Commerce.
Firstly, shops in general sell expensive cards which is considered "Reasonable" price. Which in doing so, they are able to both profit and cover shop liabilities such as rental and expenses, etc...
We can't really blame them much for that but what this Marketplace can provide is, we can help you find the cheapest and the best deals be it if you are building a new deck, trading decks, buying single cards and even selling decks and cards if you are intending to leave the game.

Secondly, there are scammers and TCG-frauds out there who will rip people off. The next problem that this marketplace takes on is with the marketprices. Players are usually unsure on how much a card is worth or the value of it, shops would usually take this opportunity to take the advantage to take in cards at a dirt cheap rates. We can't really stop them as shops need to have a low cost for their goods to have a high profit margin. What we can do, is that we connect people together and also provide value which will benefit everyone in both ends,  both the buyer and the seller.

Thirdly, Cardgames usually started to lose hype and died out when there are lack of players and where players are not able to find other players and friends to play and enjoy the game together. Remember this, you need 2 hands to clap. Likewise, for card games, you need to players to play. This group also serves as a community and a platform to connect players from different part of Singapore together to continue the hype and passion about the game.

We are also set up to support new shops that just started. Similar to them, we are a hub where players and members can contribute and provide more information about this game. Its also a platform where everyone can freely express their thoughts and passion about this game without sparking any hatred, insults or any defamation.

To my members who are not a supporter of certain shops,
I think what we shood do is that we shouldn't publicly defame a shop's reputation. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all. Whether to patronize or to buy anything from a particular shop is a personal choice made by players. I think everyone here do not have the intent to defame it but instead wanted to tell their other players and friends out of goodwill about the shop and that they should be careful of their traps and tricks that other customers have fallen for.

To the shops that were involved, I sincerely apologize on their behalf.

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