Sunday, 25 August 2013

Late Night Article 1: The Machining Files

So I was bored and couldn't sleep. Hence the reason I'm typing this on my phone at 12am. (I'll probably post this in the morning.)

Seeing that more and more people are playing meta clans, I've decided to dedicate this article to one of the oldest (and rarely-used) clans of this game- Megacolony. More specifically, the EB-exclusive series, the Machinings.

First, let's take a look at the support it receives.

-Machining Worker Ant
When this card is placed on the Vanguard Circle or a Rearguard Circle, you may choose one of your "Megacolony" Rearguards with "Machining" in its name and stand it. This card combos nicely with Machining Stag Beetle, standing the Rearguard you've just superior called in rest. If you superior called a Machining Mantis and this in rest, Mantis' skill gives it +3k (provided that you have a card with "Machining" in its name in your soul), and with this card's skill, you can stand Mantis. Machining Stag Beetle gets +14k, letting it hit 24k unboosted. 

-Machining Mosquito
Found in EB03, this card is a Felucca clone, letting you soulcharge 1 when it enters the Vanguard Circle or a Rearguard Circle. I normally use this card to get more Machinings into soul. 

-Machining Hornet
When you place this unit on a Vanguard or Rearguard Circle, and you have a card with "Machining" in your soul, this unit gains power +3000 until the end of the turn. Since Machining Worker Ant will always be in your soul until you ride to Grade 3, this is like free power. You can also rush opponents like this. 

-Machining Mantis
It's the same as Machining Hornet.

-Machining Armor Beetle 
When this unit is placed on a Rearguard or the Vanguard Circle, and you have a "Megacolony" Vanguard, you can choose one of your "Megacolony" Rearguards and move it into soul. If you do, choose an opponent's Rearguard and that unit cannot stand next Stand Phase. You can use this card to move more Machinings into soul, and paralyze your opponent's columns.

-Machining Stag Beetle
An RR found in EB01, it has an on ride skill that lets you superior call 2 cards with "Machining" in their name from your soul in rest and then it gains the power of those two cards.

In a Machining deck, I would normally run 4 Heals, 4 Draws, 4 Crits and 4 Stands, but you can also run 4 Heals, 8 Crits and 4 Draws. Also, I would run 4 of each Machining, including Armor Beetle if I can find any (it's a Promo). Since the deck does not require Counterblasts, I also run Master Beetle and Megacolony Battler B. 

The main weakness of the Machinings is that if you time it wrongly, your opponent would just throw a kanzen, and if you do not have the right units in soul or in hand, your formation is pretty much screwed.  

Overall, in the hands of a skilled player, it's a pretty decent and interesting deck. I won't post a decklist as I am strongly against netdecking. 


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