Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Anime Matsuri with lots of fun and dissapointment

Hey guys its AF Genovious. Due to some blogger issue i have to change my name to Aichi Sendou but dont fret the small issues all that matters is that i am back and boy do i have some good new for you guys.

For those of you who do not know, Anime Matsuri is a Japan pop culture week held this year at Funan Digital Life Mall. One of the key attractions this year was that the CEO of bushiroad, Mr Takkaki Kidani, was coming down and was hosting a CEO challenge.
Well being a cardfighter i decided to go down and this is my feedback. The good point is that it was a good platform for fighters all over the nation to gather and fight their hearts out. I met players from as far as sengkang and pasir ris and I had a fun time fighting. What really disappointed me was that the area was way too small and the time given for the challenge was too little, allowing those who were really lucky in jan ken pon to get a chance to fight the CEO. However, the CEO aint no pushover. He won all the challengers (except one) with only a Aqua Force TRIAL DECK!!!!! Yes a trial deck and as i saw the battle progress, i was really amazed at the skill of the CEO to be able to win with such a basic deck against completed decks like Glory Trans core and GOTS. In the end, I could only roam and fight random fighters and i managed to test out my new deck in the process. Overall, Anime Matsuri is a good event with much time for interaction between people who share the same passion and i encourage people to head down for the next Anime Matsuri or probably the next event. The time spent is worth while trust me.
This is Aichi Sendou signing off, till the next post.

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