Saturday, 16 February 2013

BT10 deck ideas Part1

I am glad to announced that BT10 has been officially released.
Here are some deck ideas with the new supports from BT10.

Deck Idea 1: Nova Grapplers
SVG: Beast Deity White Tiger
4x Heal
4x Draw
8x Stand

3x Dancing Wolf
4x Beast Deity, Blank Marsh
3x Beast Deity, Herarti Destroyer
4x Twin Blader

4x Beast Deity, Hatred Chaos
4x Beast Deity, Golden Anglet
3x Street Bouncer

4x Beast Deity, Ethics Buster
4x Super Beast Deity, Iluminal Dragon

So how does this deck works?
This deck revolves around standing rearguard columns and Pressuring your opponent with Magic numbers. Reason for the grade 3 line up of Iluminal and Ethics Buster, is to Restand most of your rearguards And hit opponent with magic numbers to up to an additional 2 times this turn. Where in total,
28k vanguard (11k Iluminal dragon + 7k boost + Ethics buster)
+ 16k rearguard (7k + 9k) before re-standing
+ 16k rearguard (7k + 9k) before re-standing
+ 27k rearguard (10k + 12k + 5k trigger) after re-standing
+ 27k rearguard (10k + 12k + 5 trigger) after re-standing

Assuming opponent controls an 11k vanguard
Opponent has to guard At least
30k for no trigger pass for vanguard + 10k for rearguard + 10k for rearguard + 20k for rearguard + 20k for rearguard.
Total of 80k guard. Isn't that an OTK that Over Extends and Over Kill your opponent badly.

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