Saturday, 17 November 2012

First Post

Hello world. Le introduce myself. I am the Phantom Jester. To say that this is my 1st debut on Cardfight Vanguard. However vanguard is not my 1st card game that I've played. Started playing Duel Masters 2006 - 2010. Yu-Gi-Oh. 2010 - Present.

I am a shady character whose identity is unknown and has plans to top the tourneys in SG with this masked identity. I therefore challenged you to stalk me, follow me and guess my identity.

Feelings towards vanguard.
Its a new and rising hype out of all the other card games. I see it as an opportunity for me to make some money to cover up for my Yu-gi-oh expenses. Glad to hear that vanguard is a cheap card game to start with. I strongly recommend 1st timers as their 1st card game. It has simple rule and gameplay for players as young as 12 years old to follow and it takes very short time to master the game.

It also has a balanced meta where the clans are almost on par with each other. It also do not have any IMBA OverPowerness or dominance yet in the game. It is still safe and still quite a stable market to be playing in especially for traders like me.

Signing off,
- The Phantom Jester-

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