Friday, 12 July 2013

How to trade like an expert. Chapter 1

Hey folks. Its Le Jestre over here. I am ahere to share with everyone on how to trade or sell your vanguard cards like hotcakes and clear them from your album fast.

1st and foremost lets the define the jargon that are used in vanguard trading.
POC - Place Of Convenience.

Backdealing is the act of backing out in a contract or an agreement after it was mutually agreed between the two parties.

Example of backdealing.
A: Bro how much you selling your Deck?
B: $150.
A: Deal. POC and time?
B: Meet at the bermuda Triangle at 1pm.
A: Ok.
B: Just to confirm, we are dealing at bermuda triangle at 1pm for a deck which cost $150
A: Dratz... Please cancel the deal I don't need the deck anymore. I buy from another guy at $120.

In this context, A is backdealing B as he backs out from the agreement that is formed after setting the time and POC.

Other Scenarios that are considered as backdeal.
A: Dratz... Bro I not enough cash to buy ar.. Can cancel the deal?A: ...(Ignore you and your messages)
Scenarios that are NOT considered backdeal
A: Dratz... Bro I can't make it at bermuda triangle at 1pm. Can we postpone deal to tmr at bikini bottom instead at 10am?

In this context, A is NOT backdealing B. Instead, A is forming and overwriting the existing agreement that is made between both parties and thus, rescheduling the deal.

Aeroplaning is the act of not showing up at the POC after the deal have been mutually agreed on.

Our Standard type of Stealth Planes where will turn off their phones and will not turn up no matter what. Often uncontactable and untraceable during the time of transaction. When contacted will say that "I got something on that day. PS can deal next week?".

List of Excuses and Aeroplaner would use.
1. I got something on that day. PS can deal next week?
2. Pai Sei... I forgot that we are dealing today. Can deal tomorrow instead.
3. I was at the venue waiting for you. I wait for you 1 hour, you didn't turn up.
4. I thought we cancel the deal liao?
5. I dind recieve your messages that say you come already.

High Balling is the act of selling an overpriced good that is ridiculously above its true intrinsic value or price.
Eg. Gauntlet Buster Dragon - $10(original value)
Gauntlet Buster Dragon - $18

Low Balling is the act of buying a good at an extremely cheap price that is way below its true intrinsic value or price.
Eg. Gauntlet Buster Dragon - $10(original value)
Gauntlet Buster Dragon - $4

Now ya know the what is backdealing, aeroplaning, lowballing and highballing; Lets move on to the techniques on how to sell your cards ASAP.

How to post?
Rule no.1
Post a clear picture of all the things that you want to sell. Nobody would want to bother to waste their time reading your long post, line by line. Its really annoying. Ppl are tend to click on images to see what ya want to sell than to scroll and read one by one.

Rule no.2
Use Attractive keywords that will attract attention and make ppl click on your post.
Use Keywords like;

Rule no.3
Spam in all the marketplaces that you know. And "up" all your posts every 1hour.

Rule no.4
Make your POC flexible. Most people can't travel ya can purchase a monthly train concession to make it more convenient for you.

Rule no.5
NEVER EVER put a price tag
or put how much ya selling the cards. Reason being is simple, ya want some room for negotiation and best ya would want the buyer to quote ya an offer 1st and then counter offer.

Rule no.6
NEVER EVER BACKDEAL and AEROPLANE. People will want to deal with a person who have a clean record which allows you to build the trust and secure deals more easily with the buyer.

When to Post?
Post on PEAK HOURS where high volume of ppl with access and see your post.

What time is peak hour?
5am ~ 6:30am (high volume)
People are on the way to school/work and would start accessing the marketplace at this time while they are in the train or on the way. Recommended to post and sell at this hour. Best is to post a WTS post before going to sleep.

9am~10:30am (medium-low volume)
People are having their break time and recess during this time. Some ppl will still access the marketplace at this hour during break time.

2pm~3pm (medium volume)
People are dismissed and ended their classes at this time and would access the marketplace while on the way home or to the nearest cardshop.

7:30pm- 10pm (very high volume)
People are mostly at home and sill start searching for deals and selling cards to deal on the next day. Recommended to spam WTS post find nice deals to buy at this hour. Best is to also post 15~30mins before the start of the peak hour. Do remember to "up" your post frequently at this period.

I guess thats all you need to know for now. Do stay tune for more and we will reveal more secrets of trading.

Signing Off,
Le Jestre

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